Sauli Kiviranta

CTO, Delta Cygni Labs

Everything was great. A lot of participants. We liked both the reports (specific questions on the monetization) and especially  the panel discussions. Everything was in the point, we have taken away a lot of useful tips. And Moscow has left an excellent impression.

Dmitry Kirilov

CEO, INDEE Interactive

We’d like to thank you for inviting us to this event. For the first time, AR developers could meet in one place and discuss the current market state and future prospects. And of course, in was interesting to find out about new objects recognition systems, unstable markers problem solutions, and lots of more.
At VRARlab, we’re working not only with AR but also with VR. And it’s great that other representatives were also present here.
We’re trying uniting the world of AR with virtual reality. This is not a science fiction, this happens now. Imagine that in a year or two, you could use virtual content to learn language perfectly in just 3 months, or walk around the ocean’s bottom, looking at Titanic or catching virtual fish, feeling its every plate with a help of special gloves.
The future is created here.
And it depends only on us.

Dmitry Yusupov

CEO, Synapse

That is for the first time I met  with so many colleagues within augmented and virtual reality. The whole day we were discussing the realities and prospects of AR/VR technologies development in Russia and worldwide.
Top 5 facts on the results of the conference:
1) The real estate in the world and our country is growing using AR technology in marketing, VR. We looked at interesting projects and discussed the existing metrics to assess the effectiveness of the implementation of decisions.
2) "Yandex.Taxi" after the introduction of virtual entertainment in 50 cars, got 2% increased in the weekly "recurrence" of clients and the average check of 88 rubles.
3) Microsoft is preparing a breakthrough in the field of augmented reality by releasing  Hololens and software for them this year.
4)Teslasuit from Belarusian developers  will give the opportunity to experience the full range of virtual experiences on itself - from the blast of wind to a bullet hit.
5) The guys from Moscow Great Gonzo Studio made a virtual immersion into painting. I was able to immerse into the movie "Scream" and "Black Square".
Friends will tell you ... the evolution both in marketing and  film, as well as in science is comming soon!

Viacheslav Utochkin

Head of the educational programs, NRU HSE

Thank you Natalia Sherekina and the whole Smile-Expo team for the organization. Since 2015 the virtual reality market in Russia has been developing by leaps and bounds, the representatives of media, business circles and poloticians have started writing and talking about the VR more actively, more and more companies entering the  VR-market. And of course there are a lot of events to be held within the industry such as AR Conference. I hope the new conference  is just around the corner!!

Aleksandr Astrov

CEO, ARProduction

We would like to express our gratitude to the organizers of AR Confrerence on behalf of the ARProduction team. 
That  was a great opportunity to bring our mission on the modernization and virtualization the museum's activity to a wider audience and declare about our ambitions and products.  Thank to all those who are engaged in this business and develop our industry, we are doing a big deal together, we are developing our society, the future of our country depends on us. 

Speakers 2016