About two dozen of speakers presented their reports on the augmented reality subject at the AR Conference 2014. Both local and foreign speakers were present.
The majority of speakers are managers of various innovative projects related to augmented reality, general, commercial, creative and executive directors, CEO, CTO and other professions that are involved in AR technologies business. Names, photos and speakers’ job positions are given below.

Dmitry Kirilov


We’d like to thank you for inviting us to this event. For the first time, AR developers could meet in one place and discuss the current market state and future prospects. And of course, in was interesting to find out about new objects recognition systems, unstable markers problem solutions, and lots of more.
At VRARlab, we’re working not only with AR but also with VR. And it’s great that other representatives were also present here.
We’re trying uniting the world of AR with virtual reality. This is not a science fiction, this happens now. Imagine that in a year or two, you could use virtual content to learn language perfectly in just 3 months, or walk around the ocean’s bottom, looking at Titanic or catching virtual fish, feeling its every plate with a help of special gloves.
The future is created here.
And it depends only on us.

Валерия Холодкова

Marketing director, Eligo Vison

I’d like say that this has been a perfect opportunity to meet with many AR market players in one place, at one time. We were surprised about the interest to our developments from many participants, who are the consumers of AR technology. It was a great achievement of organizers and PR team that they were present and watched developers with interest.
This has been one of the few conferences ensuring us feedback straight afterwards from people interested in technologies and our booth (and we don’t even have to wright them ourselves).

Evgeniya Soboleva

PR-director, PlayDisplay

AR Conference, which took place on November 14 in Moscow, has become the first massive AR and visual communications event in Russia. I’m proud that PlayDisplay became a co-organizer of the Conference together with Smile Expo. Experience of well-tested technologies starts to pay off, there appears value form using our skills and creative minds.
Light at the end of the tunnel symbolizing mass adoption and awareness of AR integration benefits for marketing strategies has glimmered. Foreign colleagues from Zappar, Launch Gurus Group and DEXPERIO ensured by their presence, presentations and communication that the technology niche we are now developing, and nurturing with most creative ways as our own baby, will soon come to rebound. Everybody involved into development, creating and integration of the best AR projects will become a part of new history. And that is going to be fantastic!Ar Conference, прошедшая в 14 ноября в Москве, стала первым масштабным событием в отрасли дополненной реальности и визуальных коммуникаций в России. Горжусь тем, PlayDisplay стала соорганизатором конференции вместе со SmileExpo. Опыт наработанных технологий начинает приносить результат, создается ценность использования наших умений и креатива.
Свет в конце тоннеля, символизирующий массовое принятие и понимание пользы интеграции в маркетинговые стратегии дополненной реальности. Зарубежные коллеги из Zappar, Launch Gurus Group и DEXPERIO своим присутствием на конференции, докладами и в личной беседе подтвердили мои мысли о том, что ниша технологии, которую мы растим, вскармливаем и развиваем как родное дитя самыми искусными и креативными способами, в самое ближайшее время ожидает «переходный» период. Все, кто окажется причастным к развитию, созданию и интеграции самых лучших проектов с дополненной реальностью станут частью новой истории. И это будет фантастика!

Olga Sobacheva

Director of Development, Avrorus

We’ve been participating in Smile Expo event for the second time already (previously – MATE/SNCE-2014). Yet again, we enjoined your team’s professionalism!
Company progress is great to watch, because guys have good intuition about prospective and innovational technologies, special attitude towards quality speakers line-up establishing and conference topics.
Thank you for such a bright event and for looking ahead of the curve, forming an innovational community!
It was great to see like-minded fellows who have gone through different development stages of their projects, form idea to the current situation and future dreams!‬‬
Special thanks to Kseniya Suhar for solving any technical and operational issues.
We appreciate program committee for the possibility for our CEO Nikolay Trushkin to make a presentation, sharing the experience of improving a native technology.

We also thank all listeners who decided to stay for his presentation and gifted to everyone interested 5 free connections for using 3D Timvi.
Good luck to all Smile Expo team!
Please continue to hold a high bar in organizing interesting and bright events!
We hope for effective cooperation!

Maks Deyvs

Director of partnership programs, Zappar

“The most important thing when speaking at an event is the audience. At the AR Conference the Moscowvites put in a great performance; they were very welcoming and asked lots of considered questions (we had planned for 5 minutes of questions but ended up doing more than 20!). I made some exciting new connections including Andrey, Alexandr and Evgeniya from PlayDisplay and many others."

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