Post release 2014

Only for one day – on November 14, 2014 – Moscow hosted the only augmented reality industrial event, AR Conference. Conference gathered famous speakers, experienced experts and market leaders, telling about trends and key applications of AR techs in different spheres of business and science, presenting best cases of using this technology and making reviews of AR gadgets.

Creative Director at NordicAgency AB Leonid Bugaev opened a grandeur event and Andrey Sudarikov, Creative Director and founder of PlayDisplay, has been a Conference moderator.

The Conference has been visited by more than 200 specialists, experts and industry leaders, as well as many journalists and representatives of IT, marketing etc.


AR Conference speakers presented their unique presentations, including:


Thomas Fickert, founder of DEXPERIO Group, provided a unique review of wearable AR gadgets;

Harry Fowler, CEO LaunchGurusGroup, made a presentation “Successful Silicon Valley start-ups, using AR technologies”;

Valeriya Holodkova, EligoVison, will tell about application of AR in “serious games”;

Oleg Yusupov, СЕО 26dotss, told about innovations of information perception and Interface+.

Max Daves, affiliate programs director at Zappar, made a presentation “AR from labs into mass market”;

Andrey Kozhevnikov, managing partner at B2B design bureau Zebra, made a presentation “AR integration in corporate communications: annual reports cases”

AR Conference became a grandeur and really unique event of modern technologies sector, because:

this is Russia’s first massive industrial event devoted to modern AR technologies;

Conference took place only on one day, gathering lots of top managers, marketing and PR representatives, advertising and media agencies, investing and financial companies and lots of more participants;

business networking and informal communication took place during coffee breaks, relating to augmented reality and allowing guests to establish lots of new useful business contacts;

AR Conference had discussions of trends and key aspects of AR application in different spheres of business and science;

speakers presented best advertising, gaming and entertainment cases of the technology usage and AR gadgets review;

in demo zone, guests had a chance to try out VR headsets, AR glasses, and explore best cases of technology application in various fields of activity;

participants showed best AR applications, start-up projects and lots of more;

winners of the contest that took place during the event, received tickets to the unique robotics event, Robotics Expo 2014.

Demo-zone surprised guests with different business fields using AR technologies and unprecedented possibilities. All guests could try out various AR wearables. For example, Virturus brought OculusRift, and Fibrum together with PWRG presented AR glasses.

Also, VRARlab presented “The Falling” project and Android-based binocular AR glasses EpsonMoverio.

PlayDisplay surprised all Conference guests with new projects and AR mug. Eligovission representatives demonstrated 3 project:

1) Mobile app for nonprofit organization Khanty-Mansiisk autonomous district Development Fund Yugra. Interactive 3D presentation has been demonstrated in September at the International investment forum “Sochi-2014”.

2) Application for OLEKS HOLDING, leader on the Russian market of technology design and complex equipment for retail venues (equipment for shops of various format) and distribution centers.

3) “Live blocks” with AR, also by Eligovission;

These have been followed by Valeria Holodkova’s presentation about AR technology in “serious games”.

AR Conference greatly thank all speakers, participants and partners of the Conference for their participation in this grandeur event.

Keep up with the news at the Conference website: You’ll find pictures, videos, presentational material, as well as TV reports and articles about AR Conference in the media.