Emerging trand: backpack pc for VR


Multiple manufacturers presented the audience backpack PCs at the Computex exhibition in Taiwan that took place earlier in the month. Perhaps, they will recently become a new IT industry trend, which growth will enhance VR opportunities even more.    




Emerging trand: backpack pc for VR - 1

VR glasses can’t work for a long time without recharging and home PC requires electrical outlet connection so a user is limited in moving. The Backpack PC carrying on the back can solve this issue. The owner will receive real freedom of using VR without depending on a place and socket.          

Emerging trand: backpack pc for VR - 2

One of presented at the conference models was MSI Backpack PC. It was equipped with Intel Core i7 processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX980 video card – everything for maximum VR comfort.       

Emerging trand: backpack pc for VR - 3

HP also equipped Omen X portable computer with i7 processor. Its memory capacity is 32 GB. The kit includes an additional battery allowing to use the device longer. The company promised Omen X sales this month but has not yet announced its price.      

One more computer that is just about to release in a serial production is Zotag Magnus EN980 with Nvidia GTX 980 video card.   


All models regardless of manufacturers have similar physical characteristics: they weight 4.5 kg and are compatible with almost any VR headset.