The Raid: amazing VR shooter will be showcased at AR Conference


On November 30, Moscow will host the international exhibition-conference AR Conference featuring a VR shooter from Fibrum.

The Raid is an absolutely unique game. The project has no analogies in Russia.

VR quest shooter is designed for one player located in the free 6x6 dimension. Special Fibrum Pro integrated headset and a 9-axial sensor ‘assault rifle’ are required for the experience, as well as a Bluetooth chip in order to completely immerse into the game.

The story shows an industrial multi-storeyed building controlled by terrorists whereas the player becomes a hero willing to avert the terrorist threat. You have 7 minutes for the mission provided for eliminating many enemies and deactivating the nuclear charge.

Due to a detailed visualization and vivid VR equipment, players can really feel themselves as heroes of the Hollywood-style blockbusters.

You can experience a unique VR quest in the exhibition area at AR Conference on November 30. Registration to the event is available on the official website.

Feel yourself a VR hero!