Japanese company Realise Mobile prepares a MR project for dentists


Japanese corporation Realise Mobile Communications announced its new project – educational mixed reality (MR) environment for dentists. It is planning to combine virtual and augmented reality, computer-generated imagery (CGI) and a sensor system to create a product that will be more functional than the applications currently available in the market.

Sensors will be applied to track the position of a patient, dentist and all dental devices in real time. Data, obtained in the form of videos and computer generated images, will be combined to provide a general picture, which will enable the visualization of the whole treatment. Thanks to the new system, doctors will be able to examine even hardly accessible zones with great detalization.

VR, AR and MR technologies are quite actively used in stomatology, primarily for the purpose of training young specialists. But thanks to the wide range of capabilities, Realise Mobile can become a significant breakthrough in industry-based technologies.