WebVR: creation of VR product without staff costs. Artur Fiedorowicz from Live Nation to speak at AR/VR/MR Conference 2017


Senior software engineer with work experience in Microsoft, Siemens, and Volvo will arrive from London to reveal WebVR advantages.

Artur Fiedorowicz is a senior software engineer at Live Nation. He has been developing web applications for more than 8 years.

is an application programming interface based on JavaScript. A browser should support WebVR in order to allow watching online content using virtual reality headsets.

and browsers supporting WebVR include: Google Cardboard, Daydream (Chrome on Android), Samsung Gear VR (Oculus Carmel, Samsung Internet), Oculus Rift (Firefox Nightly, Chromium), HTC Vive (Firefox Nightly, Servo, Chromium). PlayStation VR is not compatible with this feature.

will explain how easy it is to create a fully immersive VR product using WebVR. It does not require appointing staff. Everyone is able to explore the interface easily.

The key points of the presentation:

  • review of WebVR standard;
  • application areas;
  • advantages of the application;
  • compatibility with other devices;
  • costs of product development using WebVR;
  • how to apply WebVR on the website.

Nation Entertainment is a leading entertainment and technological commercial company, consisting of four key divisions:, Live Nation Concerts, Artist Nation, and Live Nation Network.