VR in marketing. Report of Alexander Bragin from VR2GO at AR/VR/MR Conference 2017


On June 8, as part of AR/VR/MR Conference 2017 there will be a report of Alexander Bragin, CEO & Creative Director at VR2GO studio.

The speaker will tell about VR in marketing, development of VR solutions for exhibitions and conferences. He has 5 years of experience in IT and 3 years – in the field of VR development.

Key theses of the report:

  • state of Russian VR market and its impact on marketing;
  • solving marketing tasks using virtual reality;
  • review of marketing tools and mechanics;
  • feasibility of using VR for different companies;
  • best practices of VR2GO studio.

VR2GO applies VR as marketing tool, for streaming and filming 360° video.

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