Lenovo's Explorer VR HMD is available for pre-order in Russia


Lenovo has announced the start of pre-order in Russia for a new Explorer mixed-reality helmet. The device was developed on the Windows Mixed Reality platform. It combines both VR and AR technologies allowing user not only to fully immerse in the virtual world but also to transfer digital objects to the real world.

"Mixed reality is the future that extends boundaries of the world and our ability to interact with it. Lenovo's device gives an unforgettable immersive experience regardless of whether you are working or just spending time with friends or family. The platform has the fastest and easiest tuning system: 10 minutes – and you are ready for adventure. However, the most important advantage is that you are not confined to a particular spot as the device works without external sensors. Enjoy amazing impressions wherever you prefer," says Sergey Dmitriev, head of computer manufacturers relations department of Microsoft Russia.

AR/VR/MR Conference: Lenovo's Explorer VR HMD is available for pre-order in Russia

You can use Lenovo helmet for games, watching movies and even for virtual tours. The device is equipped with two 6DoF cameras for the spatial orientation. Explorer connects to the computer via HDMI and USB.

The Helmet is equipped with two LCD-screens with the 1440 × 1440-pixel resolution. You can use keyboard/mouse and the Xbox One controller or two wireless controllers to interact with objects. More than 100 titles including games, movies, tours are already available on Windows Mixed Reality platform.

You will need a PC desktop computer with Intel Core i3 processor with 8 GB RAM to use Lenovo Explorer.

The start of helmet sales in Russia is scheduled for October 20 at a price of 39,990 rubles. Lenovo offers a 10% discount for those who have pre-ordered the device.


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