VR glasses will help people with vision problems to distinguish objects better


The Relúmĭno application from Samsung will help shortsighted or farsighted people see with virtual reality glasses.

Business incubator Samsung C-Lab has developed Relúmĭno software, which can be purchased from the online store for free. In order to use it, you need a phone with Gear VR support.

The application user will be able to point the camera and enlarge or change the color scheme of the image. These features will be useful for people with visual impairments, since they can adjust the image according to the deviations.

Later on, new functions will be added to the service. Samsung is also planning to develop special VR-glasses for these applications.

Virtual reality technology for people with visual impairments is also used by Microsoft, which released the Seeing AI platform. The AI ​​program recognizes objects in the photo and describes what is depicted in it to the user.


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