VR and AR technologies are going to explode real-estate market

2016-09-14 11:32:00

Taiwan developers have created an application that will allow realtors to show customers real-estate in virtual and augmented reality. iStaging startup offers a platform for transforming indoor scene videos caught on mobile devices into VR and AR format. After processing, the clip can be watched using special glasses or headset.         

This development will be especially useful while selling/purchasing real-estate located in other city, country or continent. One should once film a third-dimensional video in order to show it to all potential customers.       

The iStaging project can be also used to sell furniture and create interior design. Due to augmented reality, a virtual replica of a furniture item can be easily shown against real interior.  

Real estate developers can also take advantage of the application. It helps to create 3D image of the house or apartment based on drawings. A customer will be able to see and assess a project before its start.     

At the first round of funding, the startup attracted $5 million investments from Taya Venture Capital and WI Harper foundations.