Virtual reality will help to learn foreign languages


ATi Studios team released an app for language education ​​– MondlyVR. The program is developed for Google Daydream platform and is able to recognize the user's voice. Therefore, it is possible to start practicing a new language without even having a teacher nearby.

The user immerses in a virtual reality, where he can become a participant in a number of different situations, including simple ones, like acquaintance with a game character or order in a restaurant, or more complex ones.

There are 30 languages to practice using MondlyVR, including popular English, French, Japanese and rare Finnish and Hungarian.

Alexandru Iliescu, the CEO and co-founder of ATi Studios, believes that the training format, which includes immersion in life scenarios and conversational practice, is the most effective one. MondlyVR will help people who do not have the opportunity to travel or communicate with native speakers, to get such an experience. It can help keeping the language level of those who have already learned it as well.

Another difficulty in learning a new language is the fear of using it in communication, Iliescu added. MondlyVR app allows you to overcome this barrier and start using a new language in conversations from the first day of learning.


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