Virtual reality makes fitness more popular


Guys from VirZoom decided to promote VR actively, offering to use it in combination with the fitness cycle.

By putting on the headset, the user finds himself on the sports tournament dedicated to running, racing or horse racing. This can make fitness exercises more pleasant, and the VR environment would motivate a person for better results.

Startup founders aim to expand user involvement in the virtual gaming space, and to solve the puzzle of movement within it.

The set provides sensors for measuring the heart rate. Data is transferred into the virtual world mirroring the state of the person: if there’s fatigue, the speed is slowed down. Measurement of the pedals speed is taken into consideration as well, influencing the speed of the player inside the VR.

The program is monitoring closely all the results and complexity of conditions. Besides, the user can immerse in the fantastic and beautiful world.

This interesting idea can motivate a person to take more exercises.