Virtual reality at 2016 Olympics


The 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro has actively used virtual reality opportunities. Brazilian Olympic Games were broadcasted in 360 degree mode for the first time ever.         

American NBC Universal channel and British BBC have focused on virtual broadcasting of the competition. Approximately 100 hours of VR-shooting are available for the audience having virtual reality glasses or headset. One can watch it both on PCs and mobile devices. Such an option is available for Windows, iOS, and Android.           

Samsung, one of the official sponsors of the Rio Olympics, was directly involved in the event virtualization. Samsung Gear VR headset is fully compatible with NBC Sports and BBC Sport 360 mobile applications.    

British athletes have distinguished themselves as well. It is since 2012 Olympics that they use VR-Vantage for trainings. Virtual trainings in triathlon, sailing and rowing significantly simplified athletes’ adaptation to new conditions and tracks.     

Besides the Olympic Games, virtual reality journeys have become available in Rio de Janeiro suburbs. For instance, the Olympic museum called Cidade Olimpica provides virtual excursions. Whereas, Google Maps has created a VR tour across Rio sightseeing attractions: Beyond the Map.