Virtual reality or how to turn your business into super profitable


Nikolay Trushkin, the founder of Avrorus and Timvi VR platform, will become a speaker at AR Conference, telling about how to earn income using VR technologies.

Speaker has extensive experience in commerce, which made it possible to establish Avrorus and create an innovative project - communication VR platform called Timvi.

Nikolay Trushkin is sure: VR space moves the communication with clients and monetization sources to the new higher level. This is ever more relevant in the era of multidimensional Internet, where each market player is looking for ways to offer clients more new and interesting stuff.

Currently, educational classes in VR, show rooms and meeting rooms become innovative tools of eLearning, online sales and client consulting. Experience of companies applying these possibilities proves that VR communications allow us to earn more.

How to establish your niche and engage virtual spaces? Why does one have to shift focus to VR social media? These issues will be addressed by Nikolay Trushkin at AR Conference.

Also, he will present Timvi VR platform created by Russian specialists.

Experience shows that Timvi boosts all sales. Cooperation with clients becomes more realistic with new possibilities to organize amazing visual presentations of your products. Virtual jobs also reduce logistics costs.

After a free registration, user immerses in the complete environment with virtual rooms and impressive possibilities: branding of virtual office, invitation of friends and clients, moving them to similar spaces. Moreover, one can use voice, video and text to chat online, demonstrate and send content, as well as use other services.

You can learn about Timvi and listen to Nikolay’s presentation at the International innovative conference devoted to augmented and virtual technologies - AR Conference - which will take place on March 10, 2016. Registration is available on website!