Virtual travel today and in the future


On March 10, 2016 within the biggest Conference dedicated to the virtual and augmented reality -  AR Conference 2016 Andrey Nikiforov CEO of 2morrow and Doubble Studio along with Mikhail Vaisman, CEO of Trinity Digital will present the report on «Virtual Travel – virtual travels today and in the future».

The teams of two groups have worked together on the applications for VR travels based on Android – the collections of the best VR 360º aerial panoramas. The application is the winner of Google Material Design Contest. AirPano Virtual Travel can be used in VR on Google Cardboard as well as without it.

The speakers will tell about the creation of VR travels. The experts will present the VR technologies review, as well as narrate about the application of VR in Virtual Travel. The speakers will also share the experience of the creation of AirPano Travel Book on iOS that was the best application in 2014 according to Apple.
They will also tell about the VR problems and ways of its solutions as well as present the forecast concerning the future of VR travels and roles of Light Fields technologies. 

You can find more information about the event and presentations schedule on our website.