The world's first production car with AR system to be manufactured in China


The Chinese group of companies Alibaba together with the automaker SAIC Motor invested $18 million in the Swiss-Russian company WayRay engaged in AR technologies for cars. WayRay was initially an IT startup. Now it has headquarters in Europe and R&D center with hundreds of engineers in Russia.

On March 14, WayRay representatives made a statement about the launch of a joint project for Banma Technologies - a joint venture of Alibaba Group and SAIC Motor Corporation Limited. Scheduled for 2018, its purpose is to create a special AR system for integration into mass-produced cars series. According to partners, their joint product will be the first production car in the world equipped with a holographic display based on AR technologies.

Among the planned functions of the system are displaying the trip route and data from the dash fascia, as well as traffic notifications, in AR format. This way, the Chinese automaker plans to occupy a new segment in the world market bringing to it high-tech premium cars.