$3 million were invested in Bigscreen project to be launched this year


It was revealed who invested $3 million in Bigscreen social application VR project. Six venture capitalists joined their forces in order to close a financial round. Andreessen Horowitz foundation headed the group.

Bigscreen concept is to transfer users in VR environment via avatar so they can play or work with standard 2D content using a virtual monitor. At first sight, the idea may seem absurd. But the main service advantage is the fact that users can interact in virtual environment via their avatars, play and watch movies together, etc. It allows to keep close relationship with friends and colleagues regardless their places of residence.

Bigscreen application is in beta version and available for free on Steam and Oculus platforms. Service on one of them has collected more than 90% of positive feedback. Official launch is scheduled for 2017. A project team is thinking over keeping proving the basic application version for free.