Apple hired a leading VR & AR specialist


iPhone is without a doubt a key product of Apple. But sooner or later mobile market will become oversaturated and they’ll have to choose the next niche on the market. The company is currently developing its own transport vehicle. But what about the computer device market? Analysts say that Apple will shift its focus ‘to AR & VR.

This is quite obvious taking into account the hiring of one of the key American VR specialists – Doug Bowman, who has been taking a top position in the previous organization.

The rumors are also confirmed by the fact that the company bought German startup Metaio in May 2015, which holds 170 patent rights in the segment.

стартап Metaio по дополненной реальности

IT giant also purchased PrimeSense two years before – company specializing on 3D tracking technologies.

Experts think that this technology will be used in the AR headset HoloLens. For this purpose, Apple hired Nick Thompson who was involved in development of audio system for the project at Microsoft. The sound is a very important part of the AR system, as it help to create a full immersion effect.


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