Explore AR Technology Possibilities.


On November 14, design center Artplay in Moscow will host the most eagerly awaited industrial event devoted to AR techs – AR Conference. It will gather experts and market leaders who will share their secrets of using AR in everyday life and business.

Conference speaker Evgeniya Soboleva, PR Director at PlayDisplay, will make a presentation: “MagicmARketing: How to create value and motivation for consumer. Practical advices for monsters and start-ups”. It will be segmented to several blocks with video cases:

·        Making a strategy of emotional branding. Creating target emotions using marketing strategies;

·        Gaining emotional, psychological, interpersonal and public goals/amenities and material aims using convincing scenarios for using AR;

·        Positive emotions as a direct result of useful acquisition anticipation;

·        Creating a connection with a material benefit, material result and experience;

·        Genuine experience and emotional integration;

·        Creating presentation means;

·        Creating an emotions gym.

If you don’t know how to earn big in this industry, AR Conference is an event just for you! You’ll find out everything about the modern AR technology and its advantages for each business!

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