Scientists invented gloves that provide haptic feeling in VR


Scientists of the University California, San Diego created gloves that can transmit feelings when touching things in virtual reality.

Gloves are equipped with flexible hollow tubes for every finger. Air pressure is created in each of them to imitate resistance to touching a virtual object in VR. It beneficially marks the difference between the novelty and other similar projects as the latter usually use vibrating motors.

The experimental prototype also uses the Leap Motion hardware that tracks the position of hands and fingers. To test the device, developers created a piano application for VR. Gloves imitate the touch of a corresponding finger to buttons.

Creators are working on a smaller version of gloves and plan to remove the Leap Motion sensor, by installing sensors straight into the device.

Currently, just hand pronation has been presented and it isn’t known whether the gloves provide haptic feedback when touching things during supination.