Three amazing short 3D videos


Virtual reality technologies are used by many people in business or entertainment, but this is only a small part of their capabilities. One of the underestimated possibilities of VR is relaxation. Take your headset and get ready to watch three short, but incredibly beautiful 3D videos.

Flight above the clouds

Although, the recording is created with the support of the Swiss Air Force, the general atmosphere of what is happening is quite pacifying. To fly over the clouds, having a panoramic view of everything around is an inexpressible experience.

Northern Lights over Lake Kashwitna

Beauty of the northern lights in this video is doubled due to its reflection in Lake Kashwitna (Alaska). This breathtaking video was shot by a photographer, William Briscoe, who kindly shared it with YouTube users last fall.

Tropical travel

The video was prepared with the support of the Qantas Airways Limited air operator and Samsung. It shows various attractions of the Australian island of Hamilton. There are top views, underwater shooting and the whole landscape. It won’t substitute a real vacation, but it's nice to watch anyway.