Top 5 promising VR startups


The following projects are based on virtual and augmented reality technologies and are considered the most noteworthy representatives of The VR/AR Hacker Unit program. This program is promoting the concept of cooperation and interaction between promising startups and large companies that occupy leading positions in the industry.


Top 5 promising VR startups - 1

These double screen VR glasses allow you to watch two different projections simultaneously. For example, you can watch two parallel storylines of the same movie or display subtitles in multiple languages. There is also a closed captioning function for vision-impaired persons.   


Top 5 promising VR startups - 2

An application that can be connected to a virtual reality headset. By virtue of this device, you can view live music shows without even leaving your home. The startup also equips musicians with related tools for VR content creation.


The platform where exhibits of historical and art museums are gathered. You can view them through the virtual reality tours while the information about specific items is displayed in the AR format. This way, such mixed reality lets you create unique museum exhibitions.


Top 5 promising VR startups - 3

This Canadian startup developed a platform for creating the first person VR content. It is powered by iOS and Android. To view the footage, the smartphone headset is used, while PinchVR controllers are slightly bigger than common rings. 


Top 5 promising VR startups - 4

A virtual community for those who are interested in watching and creating the high-quality VR content. The program has three specific modes:

– Rhythm.VR (music);

– Vision.VR (photo and video);

– Powwow.VR (voice chat).

The company produces software that transforms physical user environment into virtual reality allowing sharing your own content with friends in VR format.