AR Technologies in ‘Serious Games’


Massive industrial event devoted to modern AR technologies, AR Conference, will take place on November 14, 2014, in Moscow. The event will gather experts and market leaders who’ll share their secrets of using AR in everyday life and in business.

Our speaker, Valeriya Holodkova, Marketing Director at EligoVision, will make a presentation Augmented Reality in ‘serious games’. Valeriya will demonstrate and tell:

·        Why ‘serious games’ are being called games and who needs this;

·        What is simulation and what AR has to do with it;

·        Cases of using ‘serious games’ with AR: healthcare, manufacturing and scientific research;

·        AR case “Virtual staff excersice”.

If you don’t know how to earn big in this industry, AR Conference is an event just for you! You’ll find out everything about the modern AR technology and its advantages for each area of our life!

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