Augmented Reality in Automotive Industry


Massive industrial event devoted to modern AR technologies, AR Conference will take place on November 14, 2014 in Moscow. The event will gather experts and market leaders to share their secrets of using AR technologies in everyday life and in business.

Our speaker Maksim Shchennikov, CCO at AREALIDEA, Interactive Agency, will make a presentation Augmented Reality in automotive business: Key possibilities, worldwide practices, new cases. During his presentation, Maksim will discuss AR application possibilities in automotive industry, tell about new unique AR options that occurred not so long ago and haven’t quite yet gained popularity but have great potential. As part of his presentation, speaker will distinguish key technologies, vivid examples, and show how this works. You’ll be able to witness:

  • Review of the existing AR technologies in automobiles industry and application examples;
  • Best worldwide cases and Russian practices of AR in auto brands marketing;
  • Aims and mechanics of using mobile AR in car manufacturers marketing;
  • Two sides of mobile AR in car industry: How to make consumer’s and brand’s interest meet;
  • AR-showroom on the example of Land Rover.


If you don’t know how to earn big in this industry, AR Conference is an event just for you! You’ll find out everything about the modern AR technology and its advantages for each area of our life!

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