AR Technologies For Kids


Massive industrial event devoted to AR technologies, AR Conference will take place on November 12, 2014 in Moscow. The event will gather experts and market leaders to share their secrets of using AR technologies in everyday life and in business.

Our speaker Irina Kuznetsova, marketing manager at EligoVision, will make a presentation AR in mobile apps for children. It will consist of the following parts:

·        Market and trends research;

·        Peculiarities of the target audience;

·        Development guidelines;

·        User Experience testing;

·        Successful market launch.

In her presentation, Irina will tell about the market of AR apps for kids, review the existing apps including their statistics, provide useful recommendations for development (how to create a successful app for kids) and explore some technical aspects.


Presentation will be interesting and useful for:

developers who will understand whether it’s worth trying taking this niche, what to expect in terms of ROI and what’s necessary for making profit;
everyone who has kids, younger brothers or sisters.

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