Swiss startup Kapanu created convenient dental AR application


People from the University of ETH Zurich (Switzerland) founded the Kapanu startup, which created an augmented reality engine for medical applications development. The first product on its basis was a simple but extremely effective dental AR tool.

When getting a complete surgical jaw reconstruction, it is difficult for patients to imagine the final effect and choose the most aesthetically appropriate prosthesis form. The Kapanu app allows using a mobile device to have a little peek into the future. Patient looks at different types of veneers on a screen, changes them and decides how well each option is right them.

The program requires a three-dimensional picture of the patient’s oral cavity, which is not a problem, as it is practiced in most modern clinics that do complicated dental operations. Scans of other patients’ corrected teeth options are also added to the application database. When you add one image to another, with the help of the gadget camera, you get an incredibly realistic effect.


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