Top five ideas for apps on ARKit AR platform


Apple announced its new augmented reality platform called ARKit a month ago. A lot of experts and fans believe that such a step will allow the technology to surpass currently popular virtual reality.

One expects quite a lot from ARKit. The Internet provides videos, showing the ideas of applications for ARKit. There is still no deep-dyed assurance that at least some of them will be implemented but some options look really amazing.

We offer you top five ideas with the greatest chances for implementation.

Augmented reality tape measure

It is not infrequent that you need to measure some object but do not have a tape measure or ruler. This issue is pretty relevant when you are engaged in home renovation or decoration, especially if these actions are spontaneous.

Measure application, allowing to measure real subjects using iPhone, will be irreplaceable in such moments. Now, only its demo version shown in video is available but this concept impresses.

3D drawings in midair

Brush VR application is quite popular on Android devices, for good reason. The simple and multifunctional solution is attractive for users with various interests. Its AR analogue on ARKit would be successful as well.

Drawing three-dimensional objects right in midair using a smartphone sounds extremely exciting. And it looks wonderful according to video.

Space Invaders AR version

You know that it would be a good thing to recreate the legend Space Invaders game in augmented reality. If taking an appropriate approach to this Japan shooter of the late 1970s, it can overrun even Pokemon GO in terms of popularity.

Take a seat on the sofa and land on the Moon

Technologies allowing to recreate landing of the shuttle with first astronauts on the Moon in your own living room, isn’t it impressive? Record of the US greatest 1969 event in AR format may well be a new iPhone application.

Become Elon Musk for a while

Space X rockets have become one of the most significant inventions in modern space exploration. The technology allowing to use primary stages repeatedly have not yet revealed its full potential but it will cause lots of changes in the future.

ARKit application will allow to observe directly Falcon 9 rocket launching as many times as you wish and wherever you want.