Prosense broadcasts 360° matchups. Stanislav Glukhoedov to speak at AR/VR/MR Conference 2017


June 8, Stanislav Glukhoedov, the founder and CEO at Prosense VR holding, will speak at AR/VR/MR Conference 2017.

will tell the audience about 360° sports event broadcasting. Prosense allows to watch matchups from three viewpoints in 4K resolution. The solution is great because of allowing to reach a maximum participation and immersion effect.

company has cooperated with Coca-Cola and Continental Hockey League. Based on real cases, Prosense will show how to organize VR broadcasting successfully and give reasons for integrating interactive solutions in videos.

Presentation structure:

  • holding of VR sports event broadcasting;
  • integration of interactives, 2D videos, and other graphic solutions in broadcasting;
  • company’s best practice for the Continental Hockey League and Coca-Cola;
  • sponsorship, brand advertising.

Since 2006, Stanislav has been holding leading positions in the range of companies: 2006 – Chief Human Resources Officer at О’КЕY Group; 2008 – managing partner at the retail chain; 2011 – partner at LLC "Troika Capital"; 2015 – founder and CEO at Prosense VR holding.

Prosense provided VR solutions for international corporations, car brands, cruise companies, and a range of other major organizations. Besides, the company developed its own application, allowing to watch live sports events in the full immersion mode at home.

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