Program of AR Conference 2016



AR Conference will take place tomorrow. Guests will be offered a highly topical program. Hurry up to register!



The event program will include:

- Presentation of Tesla Suit – the first virtual reality suit in the world (the release is planned for the middle of 2016)
- Global VR platform from Fibrum, showcased at CES-2016 in Las Vegas.
- Virtual reality headset Oculus Rift.
- New and exclusive in Russia development from Virtuality Club: “Virtual reality park”.
- Virtual reality headset Samsung Gear VR.
- Presentation of the latest collections of 360-degree panoramas from application AirPano Virtual Travel.
- Premiere of the first documentary about Hong Kong in 360º format by Maksim Nikonov, a possibility to talk to Russian producer, who is among the first to apply virtual reality technologies in movie-making.
- Visit to the museum of the future with the help of augmented and virtual reality devices, as well as exciting immersive tours to different places of the world using VR gadgets. 
- Immersion into the unique world of paintings with the help of the newest immersive painting technique.
- Quest and augmented reality contests with costly AR/VR prizes.
-Encoded video messages on printed products.


You can find more information about speakers and the exact time of their presentations on the website!

Attendees of the conference will get VR Hero from VRstore, with the help of which they will immerse in exciting travel to different parts of our planet.

Moreover, AR Conference will organize a drawing of virtual reality headset from the content partner of the conference – Fibrum.

 March 10, 2016, Courtyard Marriott, Moscow.


We are waiting for you!