About the VR-office Yota will tell the digital director of Deluxe Interactive Moscow in the framework of AR / VR / MR Conference 2017


Ivan Stepanov, Digital Director at the Deluxe Interactive Moscow creative agency, will make a presentation at the AR/VR/MR Conference 2017 on June 8.

Ivan's report will be dedicated to the Yota VR office. Based on this case, the speaker will explain how easy, affordable and effective a virtual reality office can be. Anna Chernysheva, Digital Marketing Manager at Yota, will join the presentation speaking about technological experiments and their benefits for the company.

Key messages of the speech

  • Backgrounds and tasks of the Yota Futureproof platform.
  • How the idea of VR office appeared.
  • Strategy and creative approach of the advertising campaign.
  • Business essence of the case.
  • Content of the VR office and its advantages over the real one.
  • Technologies.
  • Design and interface of the VR application.
  • Complexities.
  • Results.

Ivan Stepanov is responsible for the design and production of all digital products developed by Deluxe Interactive Moscow. He manages the company’s D.Vision department, which works on virtual reality projects.

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