The use of VR/AR tools in art and culture


There are many examples of the implementation of virtual and augmented reality technologies in the fields of real estate, healthcare, advertising, road traffic broadcasting etc. It is used in various fields of art as well. Bold experiments of artists, dancers and filmmakers are increasingly becoming the subject of active discussion in the media.

A wide range of experiments are being conducted in the field of fine art supported by VR/AR technologies. The creation of VR paintings with the help of special gadgets is the most common. Adding their own elements into existing paintings, sculptures and architectural structures using the augmented reality is also popular among street artists. It is also a common experience to recreate museum exhibits in the VR, when for example the visitor can "immerse" into the picture of Dali.

If we mention local experience, an exhibition of street art in virtual reality Metaformy was held this spring in Moscow. The creative association Artmossfera and the Interactive Lab company were engaged in its arrangement. The first organization was in charge of street art and the latter embodied the exhibition space in VR.

Live dance performances in virtual reality were recorded by the representatives of both classical (Dutch National Ballet) and modern dance. Thanks to panoramic shooting, the audience chooses the best angle and follows the movements of the preferred dancer. Such concept provides a participation effect, which is quite important for live performances.

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