Impressive ar & vr projects that became real


Ideas that were just a fantasy few years ago today are common or close to it. We’ve chosen four projects that are changing entertainment sector and our everyday life.





AR for sports news


Piero AR is a new augmented reality platform for sports translations from Ericsson. It is an ideal option for analytics: 3D holograms of the field and players are projected onto the studio floor. They are created instantly. It is possible to create virtual replays or live broadcasting, as well as heat maps of the field. The official website says that the platform is already used by 50 channels.

Painting with fire


It is possible with a new Google VR project - Tilt Brush. You can create 3D VR images using fire, snow or stars. The program with a variety of colors and textures is adapted for HTC Vive VR headset. It will be appreciated by artists, architects and fashion designers. 3D sketch will help to create the most accurate model of the future creation.

Not just a mirror


Mirror with a touch-sensitive surface was developed by Swipe Labs. It allows to control smart devices in the home remotely, communicate in social networks, listen to music, watch videos and even request Uber. All windows can be moved around so the mirror surface fulfills its primary function - reflect the user. So far, such smart mirror is a prototype, but its author hopes to bring it in production one day.

Alive Minecraft


Using Samsung Gear VR game fans may be translated to their favorite game world. In this version, the entire set of Pocket Edition features is available, including creative and survival modes, skins and multiplayer. Currently Microsoft, which has created the VR game, is bracing itself for the release of its HoloLens smart glasses.