Feel virtual embracement of Tesla Suit on AR Conference


To see virtual reality is good, but feel it is much better. Amazing tactual sensation of TeslaSuit will be available for the first time in Russia within AR Conference

Just imagine: TeslaSuit can change temperature depending on the situation in virtual world. It means you can feel on your own skin scalding sun or soft breeze.

TeslaSuit consists of a belt and module controlled by the suit, as well as of trousers, waistcoat and gloves. The uniqueness of the technology is that it is compatible with all VR-glasses, consoles, PCs, desktops and smartphones.

The basic part of the TeslaSuit, the T-Belt, monitors data from all muscles, stimulates them, sends sound waves and makes temperature changes.



Tesla Suit - новые VR-технологии

Microelectrical impulses provide the transmission of sensations by wireless gloves - T-Glove. And so the gamer can feel if a player character gets a bullet. After clashing of a virtual character with a digital object, the body will feel flow of the signal to the point that corresponds to a particular place on the body of the character. Device sends impulses to the electrodes that are on a particular body part.

Intrigued? Then visit the AR Conference, to be able to test this amazing development and meet its creators. During the event you may find out: where virtual and augmented reality technologies were already successfully employed? How they can be used to increase your profit? Which developments will allow you to fully experience it for yourself?

AR Conference will be held March 10, 2016 in Courtyard Moscow City Center Hotel.


Organizer Smile-Expo International Exhibition Company