Transmission of tactile sensations from VR to reality is better with the Hardlight suit


The NullSpace VR project is working on a promising trend of tactile sensations transmission from the virtual environment to reality. The team is currently developing the VR Hardlight suit, which will allow to feel the pressure and transmit a response of user’s interaction with the virtual environment. It is designed to cover user’s torso and hands.

To transmit tactility, 16 special touch pads are placed across the surface of the device. During the interaction with VR objects, they are putting certain pressure on various parts of the body causing a feedback. Besides, it is planned to develop a tactile response to user’s choice in case such option is included in content. For example, the game plot requires user’s decision. If the decision is right, the pads will ‘encourage’ a user or ‘punish’ in case it is wrong.

All 16 sensor elements will be connected into one system through a common software, which is being created by NullSpace VR developers.