VR development basics and why it is significant for businesses


Bravin is a senior VR engineer at On June 8, the speaker will tell AR/VR/MR Conference 2017 about setting of technical tasks for a contractor and basics of designing VR applications that won’t make your customers feel nauseous.

Speaker will explain how to create VR games without 3D motion sickness and describe how to provide a contractor with a technical task correctly: what should be and should not be ordered.

You will be able to listen to the presentation in the Developers section from the perspective of a contractor and customer.

Key points:

  • How to shift from the development of 2D applications to 3D ones.
  • Unexpected issues and their solutions.
  • Things you’d better not to require of your contractors.
  • Development of functional design.

Five years ago, Anton Bravin developed web applications and then was engaged in game design. Currently, he focuses on VR games at Speaker has proved himself as a past master and positive person. is a full-service Internet agency. It creates complicated marketing campaigns, as well as mobile and VR applications.  customers include: Philips, WWF, Auchan, group of Ochkarik optical stores, PEK, the Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow Jewelry Factory, Dyadya Vanya, Good Food, and Galla Dance.

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