Superhero VR game to be released by Oculus


D23 Expo 2017 event was notable for a presentation of a new VR game: Marvel Powers United VR, with the possibility to play for superheroes.

The game is released on Oculus Rift exclusively. A gamer will have a chance to experience life of a favourite Marvel comics superhero. You will kill enemies both on your own and accompanied with friends – the game has a multiplayer mode available for up to four users.

Only three heroes of a gameplay have been shown in a demo trailer: the Hulk, Captain Marvel and a talking raccoon - Rocket. The Hulk is effective in close action, Rocket – at long distances, while Captain Marvel is capable of both attack types. Details have also been taken into account: playing for Rocket, user will see the raccoon’s nose tip.

Marvel Powers United VR release date is not given, but it is known that about 12 heroes will be available.