Oculus Rift will cost $200 cheaper


Oculus has launched a special offer called “Summer of Rift”, offering Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets together with two Touch controllers for $399.

The reduction of prices was already seen in March of 2017: the cost dropped from $798 to $598. Currently, the company has again decided to surprise customers, making another $200 discount.

As a result, Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets became two times cheaper starting from the release date in 2016.

The special offer will last for six weeks. It is still unknown whether it will be available in the CIS countries.

The total but short-term price reduction is connected to the fact that Oculus is planning a grandiose event this autumn. Insiders state that developers will present a cutting-edge innovation. We can only guess whether it will be Oculus Rift v.2 or an absolutely new gadget.