Oculus and Sony created VR devices for full immersion


The effect of immersion into another world is distinguishes VR technology from other realities. And to make this effect even more impressive, leading companies come up with new gadgets. So let’s talk about them in detail.


As a result of joint efforts, Oculus and ARAI have created a real helmet of virtual reality. Oculus provided its achievements in the field of VR, and ARAI - one of the real helmets used in Formula 1 and WTCC. As a result, the symbiosis turned out to be a helmet, which can be used not only for entertainment, but also for training professional racers. It supports many games, and is also compatible with the F-VR1 simulator. HelmetVR is available in different sizes.

Aim controller

This device is a VR controller from Sony, and its form resembles a weapon. It is equipped with triggers and buttons located in convenient places. The idea of creating such a VR gun was provided by the founder of Impulse Games Seth Luisi for the Farpoint game. Now it will be possible to fire on enemies, even without using an aiming cross.