Augmented reality glasses are used for maintenance of elevators


AR glasses HoloLens are rather popular among companies that specialize in different spheres, even despite their high price. Constructors, designers, realtors, gardeners, marketing specialists, sportsmen, medical workers, and now maintenance staff of elevators – everyone finds a use for augmented reality technology.

American company ThyssenKrupp AG, which supplies facilities for elevators, signed an agreement with Microsoft. Under the terms of the agreement, 24 000 technical specialists from ThyssenKrupp AG will be provided with HoloLens glasses for their work.

AR glasses have been already used for the maintenance of elevators. It appeared that augmented reality technology allows conducting a specific amount of work in less than half an hour, whereas usually it takes round two hours. The process itself can be viewed in the video. 

Currently, ThyssenKrupp AG uses the new technique for maintenance of New York-based World Trade Center. In the future, there are plans to use it in several other largest buildings of the world.