VR technology will train and program robots


A prototype of VR system for the remote control of manipulators, which can also be used for programming robot’s actions, was developed in America. The new development was presented by 219 Design.

Remote control systems are used in robotics for quite a long time. But the problem is that we need special controllers in order to manage their work. And only well-trained experts can deal with it.

219 Design suggested a new way of robots control – to use VR manipulator and glasses, created with the help of 3D printer. The person just move the robot arm and grabs objects. At the same time physical manipulator is following all the movements of its virtual brother. Even inexperienced people can control it.


219 Design engineers have also developed a robot training mode. System records a motion path, performed by the person, and the robot arm can later follow on command. Such systems will speed up the process of robotics development and improve the quality of their performance.