Microsoft’s new development creates virtual teams of swimmers


Of course swimming workouts don’t require a company of other swimmers, but Microsoft Research helps turn trainings into something special, making you part of a virtual team or its competitor.

Together with Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) they have developed SwimTrain. The system consists of an application, waterproof smartphone cover and headphones capable of working under the water. SwimTrain makes you a part of virtual team containing three members. If you compete, you get the information about the leading swimmer onto your headphones. If you work as one team, the system advises how to synchronize your moves.  

Currently SwimTrain is just a prototype. Eleven swimmers have already tested the system, noting that it makes workouts more interesting, motivates to excel your previous accomplishments and helps to develop a strategy in order to win a competition, whatever level of skills you have. Unfortunately, Microsoft does not estimate whether this development will get widely accepted.