Push the VR boundaries with new Smartsuit Pro


Rokoko startup completed the development of the Smartsuit Pro. The product has already entered the market. The price is $2,500. The device helps create a realistic animation of the human movements, which can be used for the creation of games and movies, including in the VR format.

According to the developers, this is a new stage in the development of the Motion capture animation method. The standard equipment that is required for motion capturing costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. It is cumbersome, requires specialized room and high maintenance.

In turn, Rokoko’s development offers an affordable price for studios-newcomers, freedom of movement, selection of locations, and ensures less dependence on precompiled scenarios as well. “Smartsuit Pro is the beginning of the democratization of the Motion capture technology," said Jakob Balslev, CEO and Founder at Rokoko.

The suit is made of lightweight ventilated fabric and equipped with nineteen built-in sensors. Processor, battery and Wi-Fi module are placed in a compact case attached to the back. Data processing is carried out with the help of a free program by Rokoko or other 3D Unity type software.