Deputy CEO of VE Group will speak at AR Conference


November 30, 2016, Ilya Viger, co-founder of VR Concept project and deputy CEO of VE Group will give presentation in Moscow.  

He has been working on the virtual reality market for over 10 years. Within this period, he has implemented more than 50 VR projects to solve industrial tasks. Currently, he is focusing on VR Concept project, the virtual prototyping tool.     

The topic of Ilya Viger’s presentation: Import substitution, development, prospects and problems of the Russian VR market.

Approximate topics of his presentation:

  • Why is VR sector unpopular for business?    

Answer: companies not always understand ROI (long period of return on investment); conservatism of industrial companies getting accustomed to proven markets does matter.     

  • How to break well-established business patterns?  

Answer: informatization, demonstration and industry events.     

Within his presentation, the speaker will reveal problematics of searching optimum alternatives to create and develop products. He will offer virtual prototyping technology as a solution.  

Foreign equipment doesn’t consider Russian specific features, costs a lot and doesn’t satisfy security requirements. Ilya Viger thinks that VR Concept prototyping tool developed by VE Group can be the way out.     

The speaker will tell about reasons and advantages of import substitution by Russian developments. Now, one is only beginning to realize the necessity of VR systems for business in Russia. Ilya considers that it is the best time for domestic manufacturers to enter the market.  

AR/VR experts will be brought together on November 30 In Moscow at AR Conference to discuss foreign and Russian cases of successful project implementation and determine the most prospective areas of using these technologies in business.