AR Conference will share some insights on filming of the first 360° video format movie in Hong Kong


Cinema is one of the segments, where VR can fully use the potential of its possibilities. Experts say that this technology today is moving to imitation of classic formats of storytelling in cinema up to breaking of these practices. The feature specific to VR is that it immerses viewer with participation.

Maksim Nikonov is one of the directors who speaks in glowing terms about VR possibilities in the movie technologies. He is an educator, Ph.D. in History of Arts, founder of the interactive movies cinema lab and VR projects, who will speak at AR Conference. His studio Сinemactive has been exploring a VR segment for over three years and managed to reach serious results in the global practice.

We invited Maxim Nikonov to the conference to find out how VR will find its place in the cinema industry.






In his presentation, Maxim will address the following thesis:

  1. New movie trend – films in 360° video format.
  2. Video 360 as a basis for interactive cinema development.
  3. Filming of the first 360° video format movie in Hong Kong.
  4. Current works in the “Chernobyl VR” project.
  5. Review of 2015 as key milestone year in the history of 360 video format development in Russia.
  6. Plans within the “Elbrus” project.

As part of the event, Mr. Nikonov will also present the first movie about Hong Kong in the 360° format that has been optimized for Oculus Rift DK2, updated info on the movie about Chorenobyl, as well as POV VR racing on wave runners at Saint Petersburg’s channels.

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AR Conference will take place on March 10, in COURTYARD MOSCOW CITY CENTER, 7 Voznesenskiy Pereulok.

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