AR Conference will include panel discussion on global experience in AR/VR industry


AR and VR technologies are used worldwide for more than half a century. Of course, the first devices for virtual imitation of real experience were very far from modern ones, but they have carried an idea that was later on implemented by such global corporation on the market as Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Facebook and others.

There are many examples of successful application of VR and AR technologies in medicine, engineering, real estate and other business areas. The technologies also became very popular among the representatives of art community, who are actively using them in their projects.

McDonald’s, Reebok, IKEA and other well-known companies successfully apply VR/AR technologies in marketing and sales.

In order to learn more about global experience of using VR and AR technologies, come to a panel discussion “Augmented and virtual reality: global experience” within a business event AR Conference. You can buy tickets here.

Participants of the panel discussion are Valeria Kholodkova – Marketing director at EligoVision, Ilya Smetanin – representative of PWRG.