Museums of the future: why hiding secret exhibits, if we can show them in virtual reality?


Aleksandr Astrov from ARProduction, creator of world’s first AR & VR museum answers the question.

Museums are not like before: nowadays they offer new interesting options. Many places allow to go for a virtual tour of their halls and look at the art pieces that they have.

AR and VR technologies make it possible to present 3D exhibits without the need to be physically present in the hall.

Museums today must go beyond limitations of their possibilities in order to stay competitive on the global arena.

What kind of technologies allow to advance the process of visiting the museums? How to attract young audience to museums? What should we expect in this decade?

These and lots of other questions will be addressed by Aleksandr Astrov in his presentation titled “Why museums need AR and VR” at AR Conference on March 10, 2016.

Aleksandr Astrov is the founder of ARProduction, company famous for its mobile app for Gazprom, virtual alley ‘National Geographic World AR Tour’, mobile apps for shopping malls etc.


International innovative conference devoted to augmented and virtual reality technologies AR Conference 2016 will take place in Moscow on the 10th of March.

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