Moscow developers entered Indiegogo with education AR project


Russian developer of applications based on augmented reality – HoloGroup – has launched a crowdfunding campaign to collect money for HoloStudy education program. The system is based on Microsoft HoloLens headset options. The fundraising campaign will last one month on Indiegogo platform.

is going to establish an educative service based on three-dimensional model. The company wants to develop holograms as a descriptive material for studying biology, physics, chemistry and geology. Each area will include 8 AR lessons. HoloStudy will be an efficient tool for teachers, allowing to explain difficult phenomena and processes in layman's terms.

The company wants to obtain $30 000. But HoloGroup representatives told that they would make all topics in courses free if collecting $500 000. If they manage to collect $2 000 000, they will also develop tools, allowing users to create their own courses using HoloLens and analogues.