Microsoft starts selling mixed reality headsets


Within Microsoft Build 2017 conference, Microsoft Corporation has announced selling of two MR headsets: made by HP and Acer.

The Acer headset costs $300 and is already available for preorder. The HP headset costs $330. Technical characteristics of both devices are similar: two liquid-crystal displays with 1440х1440 resolution each, 95° angular horizontal view, screen updates is 90 shots per second. The first supply of devices will start in summer 2017.    

Microsoft has developed controllers, simplifying user’s interaction with the virtual world. To make them operate, one should not arrange motion tracking sensors in space, as they send a signal directly on the headset. The Acer headset version with the controller costs $400.

Microsoft starts selling mixed reality headsets

Microsoft intentionally focuses on MR, but users will also be able to use devices as VR headsets.