Varjo develops VR headset with human eye resolution


Varjo is developing a VR headset with the human eye resolution. It is reported by Urho Konttori, startup's CEO.

According to him, the main disadvantage of modern VR headsets is a low image resolution, which does not allow to fully immerse oneself into virtual reality. Thus, company’s developers are creating a bionic display, combining several types of displays.

Its unique feature is that various display zones have different resolution. The smallest zone of 70 megapixels is in the center where the eye focuses on a certain object. Besides, this zone can shift, as the headset will be equipped with the sensor tracking eye motion. This option will allow to imitate real human vision.

Varjo develops VR headset with human eye resolution

Currently, the technology is not completed and one can see zone edges in frame frequency because of the difference. But the head of Varjo says that all defects will be eliminated by the time of release (in the end of 2018).

This VR headset will cost several thousand dollars. It will be the most expensive thing on the market of such gadgets.